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Lisa Faith Phillips

Shafer Walters Group,, is an excellent website development company.


Based in Monterey, California and Austin, Texas, Dan Shafer and Chipp Walters make a great web development team. Smart, with great web and design experience, they are a pleasure to work with.




Related Links

Here are some companies and organizations that I have found great to work with and good for information:

Pinpoint Design,, is one of my favorite design companies for print and web work.

Based in New York City, Rod Paine and Li Chen Chang bring beautiful design, good marketing ideas and always a pleasure to work with ensuring success for all of their projects.

Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization is a global non-profit organization serving the search engine marketing industry and professionals.


This group has helpful seminars and fun networking events.

Drake Direct,

database marketing consultants.

Perry Drake’s was my professor at NYU for Web Analytics and I was impressed with his knowledge and great interest in all aspects of analytics and database marketing.

Alexa,, the web information company.

If you are curious about a companies web traffic, find out lots of details on Alexa.

Direct Marketing Association,, is the leading trade organization for companies and not-for-profits using direct marketing tools and techniques.


The DMA has helpful seminars and conferences on direct and digital marketing.

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