Digital Media Strategy, Marketing and Content Consultant

Flip-Global Consulting

Here are the services Lisa Faith Phillips provides as a consultant:

Service List

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Develop and implement digital marketing strategy for successful product launches and company branding.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Create and implement social media marketing plans, using a range of social media from Facebook and Twitter to Foursquare and Delicious.

Social Media Marketing

Implement organic search engine optimization standards and keyword strategy for optimal ranking for websites. Develop strategic adword campaigns and optimized landing pages for improved ROI.

Build integrated mobile channel marketing as part of overall digital marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization


Web Analytics

Project Management

Conceive and implement web analytics and create business intelligence reports for marketing and senior management.

Project management of major website builds using tools such as Basecamp, Fogbugz or MS Project for successful on-time project delivery.

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Content Creation

Gourmet Every dayBon Appetit The Christmas Season, a book published by Lisa Faith Phillips while at Random House, that was a finalist for the James Beard Award.

Conceive and develop content for books and websites.

Digital Video on Demand

Raised in a test site foe cable television, Lisa worked on a local Ohio TV show, writing, performing and doing production. She has created videos for advertising and education.